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icon11/13/2007 - Hello Olivia

We are adding a new tenant at the Casa - Olivia is on the way - Due November 13th

icon08/31/2007 - BOOMER SOONER

Tomorrow is gameday, but we are starting the party off early with a trip to Edmond to see A,T & little I then on to Norman tomorrow.

We are sitting in the UNT section to watch Mag and Amy  (small sacrifice to see them dance...j/k we wouldn't miss this.)


icon01/21/2007 - In memory of Calvin

Calvin died today at the age of 16.  We had Calvin longer than we have been married.  I gave Tammy Calvin for her 20th Birthday on October 20th, 1991.  Everyone who has ever been to The Casa knows Calvin (even thouugh he probably never let you touch him).  He was a great cat and will be missed by all (except maybe Sooner...j/k I think Sooner will even miss him too - Calvin kept Tammy occupied part of the time now she will have to chase only Sooner).

icon04/26/2006 - Getting rolling again!

I have fallen down on my job as keeper of The Casa.  This has been one busy year, but with tax season over and warm weather returning I am committing myself to updating the website.  So get ready updates should be regular.

icon10/31/2005 - Back in Action

Sorry for the lack of attention to the sight lately, I will do my best to keep it more up to date.

icon01/31/2005 - Good for us...Bad for the Neighbors!

Competition Season is over  and it looks like the party vehicle, that is The Casa, has it's wheels on early this year and is ready to roll!

icon12/25/2004 - Casa para Navidad

Aaron and Tammy have given the world a window to the Casa.  Thank you Aaron and Tammy for the website, we are excited to keep an online account of what goes on when we are all together whether the group is small or large (sometime extremely large) it's alway a good time.  I'm not promising anything, but I will try to keep this more updated than the Miss Tammy's site...I'm glad I have my priorities straight. 

News - 1 to 7 of 7